Strategies & technologies to unlock cost, increase innovation, manage risk and help sustainability | 24 October 2024 - Sydney


The construction industry is a highly competitive market where success hinges on efficient operations, cost control, and effective management. Faced with pressure from recent disruptions such as Covid, lengthy supply chain issues, to battling the surging prices of manufacturing costs, the industry is now facing a long-term “reckoning” as rising costs and interest rates bite, with the latest figures from the corporate regulator showing a jump in collapses in the Australian sector. 

Additionally, construction has a major role to play in achieving global sustainability goals. As an industry, construction is directly responsible for approximately 40 percent of CO2 emissions and indirectly responsible for 25 percent of all greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions. 

Construction companies are now doubling down on procurement as a key driver of improving profitability and navigating uncertainty. 

As the main interface with the construction value chain, the procurement function will need to excel in its dual mission of improving profitability in a volatile environment and meeting sustainability targets. In doing so, procurement will be elevated to new heights as it emerges as a strategic function. 

The Construction Procurement Summit will explore how procurement can deliver on its mission of improving profitability, reducing risk and driving decarbonisation and highlight the strategies, partnerships and technologies chief procurement officers (CPOs) can use to achieve success. 

Event Speakers

Meet Our Speakers

Andrew McFarlane

Group Procurement & Plant Manager, McConnell Dowell

Dorothy Matthys Donnadieu

Head of Procurement- Western Harbour Tunnel, Acciona

Errol Bellchambers

National Head of Procurement, DT Infrastructure

Charlotte Nichols

National Lead Engineering Services - Cost Planning & Estimating, John Holland Group

Richard Bentley

Head of Procurement – Australia Hub, Laing O’Rourke

Ro Coroneos

Head of Responsible Sourcing, Lendlease

Meetu Singh (Kumar)

Senior Procurement Manager, School Infrastructure NSW

Tony Hennessy

General Manager Corporate Services, BMD Group

The Program

The Construction Procurement Summit will bring together senior leaders to discuss the following topics:

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Summit opening remarks

Leon Kantor, Executive Director, FuturePlace

Chair - Welcome remarks

Join us for a thought-provoking session led by Charlotte Payne the general manager from CIPS, the world’s leading organization for procurement and supply chain professionals in over 200 countries. In this session, our speaker will share valuable insights on best practices in procurement from outside the construction industry, demonstrating how these strategies can revolutionize your construction supply chain. 

Charlotte Payne, General Manager – ANZ, Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS)



KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Embedding and successfully managing a multinational procurement and supply chain across several continents

In this keynote we hear from Andrew McFarlane, leading industry expert and Head of Group Procurement for Aveng Group – which includes McConnell Dowell Australia. Managing dozens of employees across 4 countries including a sourcing team in China, Andrew will explore all aspects of his role including:  

  • Human capital – Sourcing and hiring global talent to meet the needs of a multinational contractor 
  • Managing ongoing cost escalations from the perspective of people, plant and materials 
  • Developing and negotiating world class bidding and tendering processes and contracts at scale  
  • Defining procurement success – what does it look like and how to achieve it 
Andrew McFarlane, Group Procurement & Plant Manager, McConnell Dowell

PROCUREMENT LEADERS PANEL: Future proofing construction procurement: Building a sustainable, resilient, and innovative procurement model 

The construction industry is undergoing a procurement revolution, driven by a focus on sustainability, innovation, and resilience. We’ll delve into building environmentally and socially responsible procurement models, fostering collaborative partnerships, mitigating disruption, and harnessing digital tools. 

  • Developing relationships with your procurement suppliers to ensure quality, on-time delivery and price 
  • Working with key partners to achieve cost control over people, plant, materials and machinery 
  • Building a digital skills pipeline: Assessing strategies for equipping the construction workforce with the digital skills needed to leverage new procurement technologies 
  • How have contract negotiations evolved since Covid and how can they continue to promote efficiency in the tender process? 
Panellists include:
Richard Bentley, Head of Procurement – Australia Hub, Laing O’Rourke
Dorothy Matthys Donnadieu, Head of Procurement- Western Harbour Tunnel, Acciona
Charlotte Nichols, National Lead Engineering Services - Cost Planning & Estimating, John Holland Group
Barry Vining, National Head of Procurement, BMD Group
Facilitated by:
Alastair Blenkin, Chief Executive Officer, ProcurePro

CASE STUDY: Using Data Analytics to achieve optimal procurement results

In this session we hear from BMD Group who in 2019 underwent a review of their procurement function, as they transformed from a QLD based contractor to national Tier 1. We look at how they reviewed their procurement function to enable significant cost savings as well as optimise their supply chain by working with key suppliers, embedding technology and a focus on their people. 

  • Data Analytics: Reviewing your back-end inputs to centralise input processes and purchase orders to achieve tighter cost controls and procurement visibility  
  • Ceiling Rates: Implementing material procurement rates as well as the use of exceptions and levies to manage rate fluctuations in changing economic circumstances 
  • Travel Management: With over 2,000 flights and 15,000 hotel nights per annum, what innovative approach did BMD employ to manage and reduce travel costs? 
  • Relationship Management: Adopting a two-way approach to developing key relationships with your suppliers and team 
Tony Hennessy, General Manager Corporate Services, BMD Group
Barry Vining, National Head of Procurement, BMD Group

Networking & exhibition break



In this session we bring together delegates for a series of 30 minute facilitated round table discussions with leading industry experts. Join the table that most interests you, discuss hot topics and share ideas for solving some of the biggest challenges related to procurement in construction.

Round Table 1: Scope 3 - Building transparent, socially responsible and circular supply chains
Tim Lennon, National Environment and Sustainability Manager, DT Infrastructure
Round Table 2: Digitalising the construction supply chain and procurement function
Dean James, Digital Design Manager, Richard Crookes Constructions
Round Table 3: Responsible sourcing and addressing modern slavery in procurement & suuply chains
Monica Mcsheffrey, Social Sustainability & Partnerships Manager, Landcom
Round Table 4: Making it easier for contractors to work with Government by establishing modern and mature procurement practices
Teresa Scott, Executive Director, Australasian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC)
Round Table 5: Human capital – How can we hire train and retain staff to meet the demands within a tight employment market?
Round Table 6: Establishing best practice in procurement contracts
Round Table 7: Building transparent, socially responsible and circular supply chains with a clear route to net zero
Round Table 8: Creating a fully mapped global supply chain to mitigate disruption and price escalation



SPECIAL ADDRESS: The use of AI in modern construction procurement supply chains

In this session we hear from leading global Supply Chain and Procurement expert Yashomudra Patel of UGL on how AI is transforming the sector? With lessons from her role in General Motors, she will look at lessons the construction sector can take from the automotive industry as well as the role AI and new technologies will play in shaping modern supply chains. 

  • How is AI transforming the way we procure and strengthening global supply chains? 
  • Using AI technology to streamline decision making, reduce risk, and develop procurement documentation to foster best practice  
  • How is AI being used in procurement contracting? 
  • What procurement strategies can the construction industry adopt from other sectors? 
Yashomudra Patel, Procurement Manager, UGL

PANEL SESSION: Exploring the macro trends driving new opportunities across construction supply chains

Strong headwinds continue to impact the construction sector. These include lack of productivity – heightened by labour and skills shortages, further compounded by inflation across energy, materials and the prolonged disruptions across global supply chains that are driving costs higher. Finding solutions to these issues has been a priority for industry leaders. In this discussion our panellists will discuss what the industry can do to navigate these challenges and realise the significant opportunities ahead.   

  • Working with your supply chain to ensure consistent supply and quality of materials at fixed prices  
  • Examining the role supply chain plays in procuring more sustainable materials; achieving lower embodied carbon; implementing scope 3 initiatives and minimising waste 
  • Identify strategies for mapping and mitigating risks associated with global geopolitical disruptions, climate change and resource scarcity 
  • Responsible sourcing and how to embed anti modern slavery best practice across your supply chain? 
  • Managing the intersection of regulation and innovation: Interpreting and forecasting regulatory changes to improve supply chains 
Andrew McFarlane, Group Procurement & Plant Manager, McConnell Dowell
Yashomudra Patel, Procurement Manager, UGL
Errol Bellchambers, National Head of Procurement, DT Infrastructure
Ro Coroneos, Head of Responsible Sourcing, Lendlease

Lunch and networking break



Reserved for Partner



In this session, 5 innovative companies will take the stage to showcase their solutions for improving construction. This will then be followed up by a short panel discussion with the innovation leaders. 

Samantha Woodward, Managing Director, Think Savvy
Shivendra Kumar, Managing Director, Shivendra & Co

CASE STUDY: Embedding new innovation processes and technology

The construction industry has traditionally lagged behind in innovation. This session will explore how to embrace new technologies and processes to revolutionise procurement practices. We’ll delve into areas like Integrated Management Systems (IMS) and explore how AI suppliers and KPI reporting can streamline operations and ensure efficient sourcing. Discover strategies for managing risk and fostering collaboration with indigenous suppliers, all while promoting sustainability through effective materials reporting. 

  • Tech-Powered procurement: How can we streamline everything from sourcing to risk management with integrated systems 
  • Discover how actionable data drives procurement: Learn how clear, concise KPI reporting unlocks data-driven insights to optimise procurement strategies. 
  • Vendor management mastery: Unleash the power of responsible sourcing and collaboration. 
  • Source Smarter, Build Greener: Innovative strategies for sustainable materials reporting and partnerships with indigenous suppliers
Errol Bellchambers, National Head of Procurement, DT Infrastructure

Afternoon coffee and networking break



PANEL SESSION: Making it easier for contractors to work with Government by establishing cooperative procurement practices

This session dives into practical strategies for fostering seamless collaboration between government and industry in construction procurement. Government representatives will unveil key initiatives aimed at improving communication and transparency throughout the bidding process and ongoing cost control with contractors. Expert leaders will share their experience and insights into how to create an efficient and successful procurement experience for all stakeholders. 

  • Developing fair risk allocation models for government to procurement for their projects 
  • Strategies for seamless collaboration: How Government and industry can work together better in transparent modern construction procurement processes 
  • Creating standardisation across contracts within the tendering process by developing standard processes and tools 
  • Embedding forward visibility across project pipelines 
  • Developing rewards for good performance and its implications for procurement practices 
Subha Sarkar, Construction Procurement Manager, Transport for NSW
Teresa Scott, Executive Director, Australasian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC)

CASE STUDY: Changing Landscape of The Construction Industry

In this presentation, Meetu Singh (Kumar) will explore the evolving landscape of the construction industry, focusing on how it impacts the procurement process. She will discuss key trends and challenges that procurement professionals need to be aware of, and offer strategies for adapting to this changing environment. Ultimately, her talk will provide insights on ensuring successful project delivery in a dynamic construction landscape. 

  • Key trends and challenges impacting construction procurement, such as technological advancements, sustainability demands, and skilled labour shortages. 
  • Strategies for adapting to the changing procurement landscape, including embracing new technologies, fostering collaboration, and managing risk effectively. 
  • Ensuring successful project delivery in a dynamic environment, through efficient procurement practices, clear communication, and a focus on innovation. 
Meetu Singh (Kumar), Senior Procurement Manager, School Infrastructure NSW

FIRESIDE CHAT: Building Smarter: Procurement strategies for every project size - A conversation with procurement experts

This fireside chat dives deep into the world of construction procurement, offering insights for firms of all sizes. Join Luke Kenny, a procurement leader with a proven track record in large-scale projects, as he chats with industry expert Shivendra Kumar. Together, they’ll explore strategies to navigate the procurement process, optimise costs, and ensure project success. 

  • Large-Scale Efficiency: Unlock cost savings and maximise value on complex projects. 
  • Win-Win Partnerships: Build strong supplier relationships that drive project goals. 
  • Procurement A-Z: Gain a comprehensive overview of the procurement process, from bidding to building.
Luke Kenny, Chief Executive Officer, Local Government Procurement
Shivendra Kumar, Managing Director, Shivendra & Co

Cocktails and networking 


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Construction Procurement Summit

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The Construction Procurement Summit will bring together senior leaders representing::

  • Contractors
  • Sub-contractors
  • Asset Owners
  • Construction Materials/Manufacturing
  • Engineering firms
  • Technology Providers/Consultants
  • Government Departments

Job Titles:

  • Chief Procurement Officer/Head of Procurement
  • CFO
  • Head of Projects
  • Head of Sourcing
  • Head of ESG
  • Head of Sustainability
  • Head of Contracts
  • Head of Supply Chain

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